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Medicines Use Review

Your local Haydens pharmacist can provide a new NHS Service called a Medicines Use Review in which you can have a private consultation with your pharmacist free of charge. If you are experiencing side-effects or you are unsure of exactly what your prescribed medicines are for and the best time to take them then this is an ideal opportunity to ask the expert advice of your pharmacist.

Most of our pharmacies have a private consultation room in which you can sit down and have a chat about any concerns or questions you have with regards to your medicines.

The service is designed so that you can get the best from your medicines.

Ask your Local Hayden Pharmacist for further details.

Published Date: 07.05.09

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Nursing/Residential Homes & Domiciliary Patients

Haydens Home and Domiciliary Centre is a dedicated centre specifically focused on supplying medication for Nursing and Residential homes and Domiciliary Care within the home. We provide excellent support and are able to offer a full range of weekly or monthly Monitored Dosage Systems as well as traditional boxes and bottles. We also provide comprehensive MAR charts if required and can deliver monthly and interim medications to the home.

We are able to deliver a full range of medicine training courses aimed at Care Home Staff, which can be tailored to meet your home's needs.

All of our branches are able to offer day-to-day pharmaceutical advice and support over the telephone.

For more information contact:
The Homes and Domiciliary Centre - 01502 528838

Published Date: 07.05.09

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Emergency Hormonal Contraception (The morning after pill)

The emergency hormonal contraception is available free of charge for women between the ages of 16years to 25years from our High Street Pharmacy and Our Park Pharmacy*. The morning after pill is available to purchase from all of our branches for anyone over the age of 16.

*Conditions as specified by the Great Yarmouth and Waveney PCT apply.
Substance Misuse / Harm Reduction Services
Services included are supervised methadone consumption, installment dispensing and needle exchange schemes.

Published Date: 07.05.09

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Stop smoking service

All our pharmacies are able to provide customers with the advice and support needed to help them stop smoking. Where necessary, our pharmacists can identify the most suitable nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for our customers. NRT has been shown to double a person's chances of quitting smoking.

In our High Street Pharmacy, Park Pharmacy and Victoria Pharmacy we provide our customers with one to one private consultations with one of our qualified pharmacists who will use a Smokerlyser test to measure how much carbon monoxide you have in your breath as part of our NHS-funded stop smoking service to help you quit smoking and show you precisely how your doing.

NRT and other products are available to purchase in all our pharmacies.

Published Date: 07.05.09