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Our Newest Pharmacy

Hayden Chemists would like to announce the opening of Rosedale Pharmacy, our new late night opening Pharmacy, located within Rosedale Doctor's Surgery, Ashburnham Way, Lowestoft.

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NHS Electronic Prescription Service - Let's save time on trips to the surgery

What is the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

Prescriptions in England are going paperless.

So instead of your GP giving you a prescription on paper, they will electronically send it straight to your Hayden Pharmacy as part of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

This service is gradually being rolled out across GP surgeries and pharmacies in England. You can choose to have your prescriptions sent to any of our Hayden Chemists. You can then either let your doctor or pharmacist know which Hayden Chemist you have chosen. Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your prescription,You may find this service particularly beneficial if you receive regular prescriptions. This service will mean you don't have to collect your repeat prescription from your GP's surgery between check-ups.

How will I know if I can use the service?

All Hayden Pharmacies now offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

The service can be used for:

• Repeat prescriptions in England

• One-off prescriptions in England

The service cannot be used for:

• Private prescriptions

• Veterinary prescriptions

What should I do next?

If you live in England, and have chosen Haydens as your pharmacy, here's what to do next:

1. Whether or not the NHS Electronic Prescription Service is already being offered by your GP, you can choose in advance which Hayden Chemist you would like your prescriptions to be sent to. You will then be ready to use the service once it is available at your GP surgery. To choose a Hayden Chemist simply call into your regular Hayden's branch and speak to the Pharmacist, you can then complete an NHS Electronic Prescription Form or verbally tell us you wish for prescriptions to come to us electronically. You can only choose one pharmacy at a time. You can download this form here: NHS Electronic Prescription Form.

2. Once you have either signed up to our repeat service or verbally told the Pharmacist you wish for your prescriptions to be sent to us, your Hayden Chemist Team will do the rest.

3. As soon as the service is offered by your GP's surgery, you can then go straight to your chosen Haydens Chemist for your medicines.

What are the options if my GP doesn't offer EPS?

If your GP isn't offering the service yet, we can keep your completed NHS Electronic Prescription Service form, so you're ready to start using the service as soon as it's available at your surgery.

In the meantime, you can sign up to the Free Repeat Prescription Service at your local Hayden Chemists or online here and look forward to fewer trips to the surgery and have your medicines ready and waiting at the pharmacy.

For more information, please ask a member of your local Hayden Chemists Team.

Hayden Chemists information

Haydens is a locally owned independent pharmacy group. We have been servicing the communities of Oulton Broad & Lowestoft with all your medical, prescription, cough and cold needs for almost 80 years. Throughout which our Patients have always been Our Number One Priority and our sole intention is to help our customers look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

We at Haydens feel that our customers are at the heart of our business. We are single minded in our commitment to providing exceptional patient care when ill, sick or just maintaining your good health, and as a result staying your number one choice when it comes to medical advice, NHS Services and Pharmacy care.